PRESS RELEASE: Rise First Laugh Last Collection

January 12, 2017

Motivation is the main objective for FAZE Apparel's new release. Check out the Rise First Laugh Last Collection.

The Rise First Laugh Last Collection

January, 2017, San Francisco, CA – One of the main emphasis for men’s lifestyle brand, FAZE Apparel, is to inspire those who encounter the brand. Whether this is accomplished by a prep talk at a local school or a resonating theme of a new collection, the idea of being fearless and zealous everyday remains the same for the brand and its supporters. With their mind steadfast on inspiring others and the onward progression of the brand, FAZE’s new collection is the perfect entry for a Winter release. Aptly titled, Rise First Laugh Last, the theme of the collection is about putting in the the necessary work now in order to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

This collection not only has a theme that hits home for many but is also a noteworthy next offering for brand. The 6-eyed golden wolf, which represents being aggressive toward your passions, appears in a number of different pieces. Additionally, roses are showcased throughout the collection’s graphic tees. Many of us are aware that there is a level of symbolism when it comes to roses. The beauty of this flower represents promise, hope, and new beginnings. Whereas its contrasting thorns symbolize defense, loss, etc. As stated by FAZE Apparel’s co-founder/creative director, Herbert Gracia, “I started designing this collection when I was a bit down and hurting inside from the loss of my father. He fought cancer for 10 years and not once did he complain. With that in mind, I wanted to create something to show how the work we do now is used to prepare us for the future. Win or lose, the fighter mentality in me will never change.” This sentiment is evident with the creative direction that was taken with FAZE’s Rise First Laugh Last Collection.

faze apparel - laugh last long-sleeve tee - rise first laugh last collection - 1

With each new collection, headwear is making its way to take center stage for the brand. One of the most iconic pieces from the release, is the Hugh Classic Cap in cardinal red. This cap is constructed of velvet, features an embroidered flamingo with the FAZE 3 bolt logo on the front and is named after Mr. Playboy himself, Hugh Hefner. Classy to say the least! The hat’s design was inspired by the red robe that Mr. Hefner has made famous over the years. With little to no effort, this piece definitely stands out from current headwear offerings out there. There’s no question that this cap takes more of a playful approach in comparison to the more serious tone echoed by the other items in the collection.

faze apparel - the hugh classic cap - rise first laugh last collection - 1

The Rise First Laugh Last Collection also shows FAZE’s continuous effort to strengthen its outerwear program. Everything from thick denim overshirts to satin jackets with a vintage feel, supporters new and old will be beyond impressed with the brand’s efforts and selection. Johnny Travis, co-founder of FAZE Apparel, mentions, “Being one of the brand’s founders, I obviously own a bunch of FAZE product. However, the FAZE Denim Overshirt from this collection is easily one of my favorite pieces to date. I would wear that shirt at all times if I could and often get props when I do wear it. Folks that visit our store and feel the quality of the shirt, tend to take a liking to it as well.” There’s no denying the fact that FAZE enjoys flexing its creative muscles during the Fall/Winter season. With the variety of outerwear pieces plus the brand’s ongoing development of new concepts, FAZE continues to progress as a brand and the Rise First Laugh Last Collection serves as proof.

faze apparel - fearless rose long-sleeve tee - rise first laugh last collection - 1

FAZE Apparel’s Rise First Laugh Last Collection is available now. You are able to purchase items from the collection at their flagship store located at 3236 21st Street, San Francisco, CA, online at and select retailers across the globe.


Photos captured by Herbert Gracia

Collection looks modeled by Joseph Vinzant and Parker Max Windesheim-Zigas

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