PRESS RELEASE: Never Scared Pack

October 31, 2016

FAZE tests your level of FEARLESSNESS with its latest capsule collection to celebrate Halloween

The Never Scared Pack

October 31st, 2016, San Francisco, CA – San Francisco-based, men’s lifestyle brand FAZE Apparel has always promoted the notion of being fearless in their designs with their approach. With the celebration of Halloween in our midst, what better way to test the FEARLESSNESS of its supporters than to highlight a few classic horror films. Many folks may love these type of films and some may hate them but there’s no denying that they are embedded within the fabric of our culture. The Never Scared Pack capsule collection boast products with bold colors and even bolder graphics in order to offer supporters a daring look for Fall 2016.

To quote the co-owner of the brand, Johnny Travis, “Horror is among my favorite movie genres. I really like the classics and can literally watch them over and over again. Many of the newer horror films are not as good so it never hurts to reminisce.” This reminiscing comes in the form of iconic movie characters. The brand’s See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil designs sport these recognizable characters with a FAZE twist. Splashes of color, image manipulation, and recognizable branding elements engulf the designs in this latest capsule collection. The title of the capsule itself, Never Scared, also encapsulates the mission of the brand, which is to remain FEARLESS while pursuing your passions. The love for horror films, a bold aesthetic, and the reinforcement of the FAZE mentality all form a trifecta of goodness and a well executed offering from FAZE Apparel.

The highlight of many new FAZE releases is the headwear and this new capsule is no exception. With the Never Scared Pack the brand releases a hat with a personality all its own - Patchwork 5-Panel Hat. The color scheme of the hat complements the rest of the items in the capsule perfectly. Plus, no two hats are exactly the same because they were individually cut from a single roll of custom fabric. The name of the hat is also symbolic for the notion of putting all the pieces together like patchwork. In other words, a number of pieces make up the whole and those pieces are just as important as the final result. Considering all that has been put into the brand’s growth and development, this is definitely a good lesson that FAZE would like its supporters to remember and live by!

FAZE Apparel - Never Scared Pack - Capsule Collection - Combo 1  

With this capsule collection, FAZE continues to venture deeper into accessories. Phones cases and coffee mugs donning the iconic horror film characters and the brand’s flag logo are great additions. Not to mention, these accessories are of excellent quality and made right here in USA. They look damn good too! It is always good to see brand continue to push themselves and try new things, whether that be strengthening their accessory catalog or building a capsule collection around a specific holiday like Halloween.

FAZE Apparel - Never Scared Pack - Capsule Collection - Combo 2  

FAZE Apparel’s Never Scared Pack is available now. You are able to get your hands on items from the capsule collection at their flagship store located at 3236 21st Street, San Francisco, CA and online at

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