Official Video for Handheld GPS

April 10, 2017

Berkeley, California Rapper/Producer/Vocalist, Rexx Life Raj, has been killin' the net with his catchy single, Handheld GPS. I discovered the track late last year on SoundCloud and quickly added it to my playlist of slaps. The song not only sounds good but also delivers a valuable message to today's generation. The message that I take from Handheld GPS is even though we have so much power, information, maps, etc. in the form of the smart phones we possess, many of us get so caught up with our phones that we fail to embrace the real world, people around us, and our own purpose. In other words, we tend to get "lost" and distracted despite having a "handheld GPS" in the form of our phones. Rexx brings up a valid point and I couldn't agree more.

Rexx Life Raj accentuates this point even more with his recently released video for Handheld GPS. The video plots Rex in an isolated, outdoor location with no cell service. Visual cues like the "no signal" illustration in the upper left-hand corner and the illustration overlays bring even more life to the song. It's beyond dope to know that our homie Chris "Heezy" Hurtt provided all the animations for the video and it was shot/directed by Gino Mancuso and Javari Jackson. The artistic style and location make this one of the best videos we've seen in quite a while! 

Check out official video for Handheld GPS below. Also, make sure you stay up to date with all things Rexx Life Raj via his website and SoundCloud page.

Also, make sure you check out Rexx Life Raj's Father Figure album on SoundCloud.

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