FAZE's Review of Stoney

December 19, 2016

By now we all know White Iverson (it dropped in 2015 and along with the ASAP Yams tribute Too Young which served as everyone's introduction to Post Malone). 
A white dude with a gold grill and corn rows, reppin Texas, singing about Allen Iverson and playing the guitar. A record executive's dream, an artist that seemingly was created in a lab. The crossover potential was evident to anyone paying attention. Well with Stoney, Post Malone's debut LP, Post went full on crossover. Besides White Iverson and Too Young the album is catered to the crowd he was playing for when he went on tour opening for Bieber. No other song shows that more than his duet with the Biebs. 
Having Kehlani (Feel) and Quavo (Congratulations) on there is an attempt to stay connected with the audience that first showed him love, but the rest of the CD plays like those soft rock bands that remake rap songs as a joke, except Post is hella serious. After his appearance on Kanye's TLOP, I was naively thinking that Post would drop some heat. He didn't.
This album might be tight if I was a 16 year old white girl and even she might say it's too soft.
Standout Tracks (excluding White Iverson and Too Young since they've been played out for 2 years)
  • No Option (Produced by: FKi)
  • Congratulations feat. Quavo (Produced by: Metro Boomin)

Write-up by Carlo S.

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