FAZE Lecture Series: "Photography is my job!"

February 13, 2017

This past Thursday, we had the opportunity to host the first FAZE Lecture Series: "Photography is my job!"

The event consisted of a panel discussion with 3 photographers, Shadi RahimiAllison Ekevara "Ekey" Kitpowsong, and Chris Nechodom, all making a living from photography. Considering that the panel took place at our flagship store, it provided our audience members with an intimate setting to engage with the panelists. Our boy Carlo also did an excellent job mediating the conversation. The main goal of the panel was to uncover the how and why our panelists do what they do. 

We hope our conversations allowed audience members to also question why they are doing what they are doing and to leave our discussion re-committed and re-invested in their work. By doing so, I believe we can more easily discover where true passion lives. From the positive feedback we received after the event, I think we were on the right track. If you were at the event and can think of ways we can improve our discussions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

A huge THANK YOU to our panelists and THANK YOU to folks that were in attendance. If you missed this first discussion you missed a good one but don't fret because we have other topics coming to the FAZE Lecture Series soon. To makes sure you're up to date on future events, please CLICK HERE to subscribe to our newsletter. Remember, the FAZE Mentality is not only about pursuing your passions fearlessly but it's also about community. Let's all do our part!

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Write-up by Johnny T.

Photos captured by Johnny T.

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