Azizi Gibson Shows Us Levels

September 26, 2016

Azizi Gibson is another one of those dope artists that I happened to come across on Soundcloud. What made him stand out to me was his sound and delivery because it's very distinctive. Once you get familiar with his sound and you hear a new song, you'll know it's Azizi without question. If I had to compare him to anyone else in the game, it'll have to be Kid Cudi. And that is only because they both have a distinctive style and a lot of their songs you can sing along to. The last part of that statement is not to make it seem like their music is cheesy but rather it's so catchy it makes you want to sing along with it (think Kid Cudi's hit single, Day 'N' Night).

I've been listening to Azizi's song, Levels, for a couple of months now. It's good to finally be able to match a visual with the track. The song is a bit slow paced compared to some of his other songs but he's definitely rapping about some real shit on the track. On the song, Azizi promotes self-confidence, unity, and even racism that many people of color face in the world today. Given that he was born in Germany and raised in Thailand, I would assume that he has learned how to get along and appreciate folks from different backgrounds. For that very reason, I admire and respect his perspective on Levels. Much respect from the FAZE crew! Check out the video for Levels below.  

Write-up by Johnny T.

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