A Prescribed Musical Experience w/ Dr. Papadon

May 08, 2017

We create our own monthly mixes but we're also fans of other mixes that we encounter across the web. Whenever we come across a fire mix, we're sure to repost it on The FAZE Boyz SoundCloud page or occasionally talk about it here on our blog. This is one of those occasions.

Boston-based DJ and producer, Papadon, recently released a couple of mixes on SoundCloud - [Px : 02] - A Prescribed Musical Experience w/ Dr. Papadon. I'm not sure how I originally came across his page but I'm glad I did because the mixes I've heard from him have been nothing but heat!! Papadon's latest mix plays homage to the cassette tapes of yesteryear and consists of a Side A and Side B. It's essentially two separate mixes which is a nice touch to the one mix drop. Enough of me talking about it...give DJ Papadon's mixes a listen below and make sure you follow him on SoundCloud!

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