Warm Up Mix by Mr.E

February 01, 2016

New Music Mondays! My name is Jonah S. and I've been working with the FAZE crew for a little while now. This is my first blog post but I'd like to introduce something we call New Music Mondays. Every Monday, we're going to try our best to bring you new music and videos that we're feelin' throughout the week. The folks here at FAZE love music and our latest Hot Bars Capsule can be attributed to that love. I'm going to kick off our New Music Mondays by sharing some of my latest mixes, Warm Up Mix, as well as a background story on how I went about creating it. 

Working at a gym I used to hear about how important warming up and stretching was prior to working out. You have to prepare the muscles before you can put stress on them and flex. This same principle translates to art. Although some people can dive in, it’s always good to shake off the rust so you can prepare to create the best final product. This mix came about while I was practicing mixing and as I was warming up. After a few refining touches, I decided to record and upload it. I kept it short to keep the mix more of a preview. The emphasis for this mix and others is plugging in a range of music in a short amount of time and making it all work as one cohesive unit. I try to put a diverse music selection, not only with style, but also with popularity.

On any given night out, a lot of DJs are playing the same music. It is much easier to turn up and enjoy something you already know, but how fun is it listening to the same songs every night? I play songs most of us know and love, but also I like to put those songs in that make you ask, “what song is this?” and gets your head bumping and body moving. There is too much music out there to just listen to top 40. Changing it up not only helps you stand out but also turn heads and give people more than just a fun night out.


More mixes will be coming soon and with Valentine’s Day on the way check out my other mix, “Before Anyone Else”, out now. 

Write-up by Jonah S. AKA Mr.E

Mixes by Jonah S. AKA Mr.E 

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