The Hunt: A Fearless Process

January 16, 2016

As observers, we tend to notice of the final product and regularly ignore the process. The fabric on this sweatshirt is super soft, the graphic on this tee is dope, the hidden pocket on that jacket is a nice touch...these types of comments have left our mouths at some point or another. When you create, the final product is something to marvel at but the process tends to be the most fulfilling. 

Searching for new fabrics for future releases is something we always enjoy. Amongst the crew, we refer to it as The Hunt. We first find a fabric that resonates with us and then envision that roll of fabric or swatch as a product on our shelves. The process and final product are always interconnected. Similar to how a painter visualizes a completed masterpiece when their paintbrush first touches a fresh canvas, we as brand owners see a dope new FAZE button-up, jacket, hat etcetera when we hone in on a new fabric. This is where creativity and foresight intersect.

It's a euphoric feeling when going through the motions but that's when the fabric we selected is used to construct the masterpiece we envisioned. Often times, we've encountered a disconnect here. In our eyes, that's okay because this is the beauty of the process. Maybe that patterned cotton twill fabric that we scored doesn't do this sample short-sleeve button-up justice but it could work better on that snapback hat concept we were messing with. Without going through the process, the hunt, we could've never realized this nor encountered that eye-opening disconnect. It takes FEARLESSNESS to go through an entire process knowing that there is a possibility your final product may not come out how you envisioned it. But that's what makes The Hunt a hunt.   

Fabrics - FAZE Apparel - 2

Herb searching for fabrics at a local fabric store


Fabrics - FAZE Apparel - 1

Fabrics - FAZE Apparel - 3

Rolls on rolls on rolls of fabric at a local fabric store

Write-up by Johnny T.

Photos by Herbert G. and Jess T.

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