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December 16, 2015

Skateboarding has a long history in San Francisco and I wanted to make something very special that reminds me of one of my favorite cities and passion I hold close to my heart. Combining that love for skateboarding and San Francisco, I designed three symbols to represent the nostalgia many of us get skateboarding around our city

The inspiration for our "Bay Bridge Tower" pendant came from years of street skating down the historic EMB. San Francisco is famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, but when you travel to SF you can't help but pass by the iconic Bay Bridge. The pendant mimics the centerpiece of the Bay Bridge that connects SF to Oakland. The piece is a symbol of Bay love.

The "Market Bricks" pendant came from skateboarding down the famous Market Street in downtown San Francisco. SF has been a prime destination point for skateboarders all over the country and even the world. If you get the chance to visit the city and skate down market street, the feeling of the bricks against your wheels can be nostalgic, as you look around at all the tall buildings and people in the streets, you take in the history of skateboarding.

Sewer covers are found on almost every block and street. As skateboarders, we can't help but feel the urge to pop tricks over them. A sewer cover felt right and is something non­-skaters often over look. Whether you are cruising to meet some homies or just running some errands, sewer covers are one of skateboarding's favorite obstacles. Designed based on a sewer cover found in San Francisco. "OTS' on top standing for Off Top Skateboarding, and "SFC" standing for our San Francisco City.

Skateboarding takes us places we never knew we would get to. We take with us and remember, where we came from. We keep pushing the limits of creativity and often go against the grain. It’s just our nature to test and question the world around us. Creating a perspective that is different than the average.

All Off Top jewelry pieces are now available at the FAZE Flagship Store. Make sure you swing by the shop to grab yourself a piece of San Francisco's skateboarding culture.

Write-up by Tim Q. 

Photos by Carlo V.

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