A FAZE Boy in Sweden

September 23, 2015

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Sweden. Honestly, Sweden has never been a target travel destination of mine but the opportunity to accompany my lady on a business trip came up and I definitely wasn't going to pass on it. I was winning on two fronts here. First off, I got the opportunity to spend some quality time with my lady and secondly I received a chance to visit Europe for the first time. I'm working on getting my passport tatt game up and this is just another notch in my belt lol.  

In the beautiful country of Sweden, I had the opportunity to visit Stockholm and Uppsala. Stockholm is the most populace city in all of the nordic countries and Uppsala is a suburb/college town north of Stockholm. Being the city boy that I am, I took more of a liking to Stockholm. Tall buildings, construction cranes, graffiti, traffic, a gang of pedestrians, noise...all of the things I love about cities. And Stockholm was all too familiar in that sense but just on a slightly smaller scale. Thank God for the slightly smaller scale too. I was able to master this city in terms of getting around. Whether by foot, Metro, or bus I really got the chance to see what Stockholm had to offer. In fact, I felt like I walked through the entire damn city lol. Check out some of these flicks I snapped around the city...a lot of which reminded me of home and other cities I've traveled to. 

There was some dope street art spread throughout Stockholm.

Some classic graffiti styles at play...

I came across some commissioned murals as well as work from some local graffiti crews 

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream in Gamla Stan. San Francisco leaves its mark!

Shoes on telephone wires, a tell-tell sign of the inner city. Not sure if it has the same meaning in Stockholm but it was kind of a surprise to see them here.

Straight Outta Compton coming soon! It's always good to see the far-stretching influence of Hip-Hop culture.

One of the things that wasn't like other cities that I've travel to, especially my home city of San Francisco, was the food. I didn't really get the chance to eat some memorable food in Sweden. Maybe it was the restaurants that I visited or in a worse case scenario good food places are just harder to find in this city. I searched far and wide to find an authentic Swedish restaurant but constantly encountered the same types of places I can find back home: Sushi spots, burger joints, and pizzerias. I didn't cross the world to eat at a spot that I can eat at back home. To be frank, I was a little underwhelmed in the food department. But wait...there was a bright spot! That bright spot came in the form of something that I love and definitely could be found back home...a pizzeria. For those who know me, know that I consider myself a pizza connoisseur lol. With that in mind, I'm a pretty tough critic when it comes to the cheesy, melty masterpiece better know as pizza. But I found a bomb pizza spot right around the corner from my hotel called Omnipollos Hatt. The specialty beers on tap were also a plus!   

Foamy, golden goodness in a cup!

This picture does not do this pizza justice. One word - BOMB!

Overall, my time in the cities of Stockholm and Uppsala was a good one. As I alluded to before, it's always a good time when I get the opportunity to visit a place I've never been. Sweden is a beautiful country with a lot of history behind it and this is more than evident. I'm glad the cities and its people embraced us while we were there. As a final note, I would like to leave you with a few more flicks that I snapped during my trip. Enjoy!

I had to leave my mark throughout the city. Sorry not sorry.

The Nordic Museum

Night dining in Uppsala. 

The beautiful Uppsala Cathedral 

A marathon in Stockholm


 The bicycle culture was crazy throughout the country. We encountered hundreds upon hundreds of bikers during our stay.

A brief time-lapse video from our hotel room in Uppsala. It seemed like bikes were the primary form of transportation in Sweden.


A king and his queen.

 So long Sweden!

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