Free Gucci

August 31, 2015

I began listening to Gucci Mane my sophomore year of high school. I got put on to him by my buddy that I hooped with on my basketball team. Being from the Bay Area I immediately fell in love with the heavy bass that accompanied his southern trap talk. I found out later that the producer that came up with Gucci Mane and produced many of his hits was originally from the Bay Area which made sense to why the sounds were so familiar. This producer is better known as Zaytoven. Zaytoven was behind the hit that really brought Gucci Mane to the limelight, So Icy. 

So Icy was a catchy song that also featured fellow southern rapper Young Jeezy. While both of them were on the come up at the time, Jeezy had a little bit more recognition in the game. This was the first and last time that the two worked together which started a beef between the two rappers. This beef got so serious that Gucci Mane was setup by a woman that was affiliated with Jeezy in which men ambushed his hotel room trying to steal his chain. This incident ended in a man being killed by Gucci Mane. 

Now the reason I am writing this post is because there was a rumor that Gucci Mane was set to be released from prison July 11th, which was not the case. Gucci's lawyer came out to say that they are still working on a release date for Guwop to be released. While I don't listen to him as much as I use to, I remember I had to constantly defend him to many of my friends and explain why I listened to his music. While he is no Kendrick Lamar lyrically, Gucci Mane made hits and it was almost more about this persona and lifestyle that he talked about in his lyrics that almost seemed to be true based on his encounters with the law. 

After watching interviews with him and the recent Noisy Atlanta video series in which they spoke on Gucci's and Jeezy's beef, I became even more fascinated with him. While there is no doubt that he is a crazy individual I sometimes wonder if he is just simply misunderstood. Almost all of the big names out of Atlanta were either found by Gucci or came up under his wing. Gucci has been responsible for finding some of the new up and coming artists from the South such as Future, Migos, Young Scooter and of course Waka Flocka. In addition, he has brought stardom to producers such as Zaytoven, Mike Will Made it and Southside. He has definitely put on for his city and created his very own lane, which in the end gained him a lot of respect within Atlanta and the Hip-Hop community. 

I have been slappin' Future's DS2 (as is half of america) when I thought about an interview I saw a while back with Gucci Mane on the Breakfast Club and how he mentioned how Future was going to be a star. At the time, I had only heard of Future because of a joint mixtape he did with Gucci and thought that he was decent. I would've never of guessed that he would reach the point that he is at now as one of the most popular Hip-Hop artists. 

Lastly, it is undeniable that Gucci Mane is a hard worker. While not everything he put out was a masterpiece, you could always count on Guwop having 2-3 hits per mixtape. While that may not seem like a lot, Gucci Mane has put out over 40 mixtapes, 9 studio albums in addition to a few collaborative albums. But it is without a doubt that he made hits for the clubs and catchy hooks that made his songs easy to sing along to. 

In my opinion, Gucci Mane is the definition of Trap Music. You can hate on the man that has an ice cream cone tatted on his face but you definitely can’t knock his hustle. Anyone that puts that much time into their craft deserves some type of credit whether you are a fan of what they do or not. At this point, we must wait to see what he has under his sleeve once he gets released. 

Gucci Mane is a legend, he has a pass in every hood and is your favorite rappers favorite trapper. Long live the Trap God. FREE GUWOP. 

Write-up by Stevie C.

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