38Makers Holiday Fair is in the Books!

November 06, 2017

This was the first time we participated in the 38Makers Holiday Fair. To say the least, we were blown away by our experience, the Pinterest facilities, and the accommodations that were provided. Free breakfast for all vendors prior to setup...how can you not love that?? When we first started the brand, we would do a bunch of vendor events but participate in them rarely nowadays. Therefore, we don't know how things are going to turn out when we partake in an event for the first time. But we'll tell you this - we were pleasantly surprised and grateful of our first experience at the 38Makers Holiday Fair!

At the start of the event, there was a line of people waiting to get in. We would assume folks were anxious to get their hands on some locally-made goods, free food samples and drinks. For many, this was the perfect opportunity to get a jumpstart on their holiday shopping. We all know people take their holiday shopping seriously. But these holiday shoppers deserve a pat on the back because they chose to support some local brands instead of a mall or a big-box retailer. Kudos!

Out of the 38 brands selected, we found out that we were the only men's clothing brand at the Holiday Fair. Our brand has a slightly edgier look than a typical menswear brand so we already stand out at most vending events. But with us being the only men's clothing brand in the building, that played into our favor tremendously. In fact, we had no time to sit and barely had time to catch our breath LOL. Folks were hitting our table and rack from all directions. It got a bit overwhelming at times but we are truly grateful for all of the support. Anytime we have the opportunity to introduce new folks to the brand, it's always an added bonus.    

In conclusion, the event was a huge success! We wish we could've walked around the facility to snap more shots but we were too tied up. We did manage to capture a few shots in the beginning and a couple during the event, which we would like to share with you guys below. Check them out and always remember to support local!   

FAZE Apparel - 38Makers - Holiday Fair - Pinterest - SFMade - 2

A picture of the sales floor before the event. It was packed throughout the day...sorry we couldn't get any other pictures.


FAZE Apparel - 38Makers - Holiday Fair - Pinterest - SFMade - 3

Johnny FAZE and his wife are all smiles while they hold down the FAZE table.


FAZE Apparel - 38Makers - Holiday Fair - Pinterest - SFMade - 4

This is some of the new beanies that were unveiled at the Holiday Fair 


FAZE Apparel - 38Makers - Holiday Fair - Pinterest - SFMade - 5

Johnny FAZE in action as he chats up some FAZE customers.


FAZE Apparel - 38Makers - Holiday Fair - Pinterest - SFMade - 6

A huge pin made out of Legos...amazing!

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