San Francisco: A Playground for Creatives

June 14, 2015

I moved to San Francisco in the Summer of 2009 to start college at the University of San Francisco. Being from the Bay Area it was not my first time visiting but I knew there was a whole lot I had not seen. Being an avid skateboarder I knew that San Francisco was going to be a great fit for me and I immediately fell in love with the city, which is why I am still here today.

One thing that I love about the city is the constant creative energy you are surrounded by. Skating all around town I was constantly enamored by the art that was all over. There is a ton of street art throughout the city from commissioned murals on walls/trucks, stencils on the sidewalk, and random art vendors on the street. When seeing some of the large scale murals I was and still am fascinated how someone can be so precise with so much room for error.

If there is something I’ve learned while living here is that the city is full of hustlers. As most know, this is one of the most expensive cities to live in the United States and with the recent tech boom a lot of artists are being pushed out. Even within the short period of time that I have lived here I have seen a pretty big change in the people, buildings, and culture, which is commonly know as known as gentrification.

There are still artists who are holding on tight to keep the cities culture alive, which for many years has been what has drawn people to San Francisco. Fortunately there are still many art galleries throughout the city so on any given night you are able to go check out new and old artists.

While I have no problem with the new faces moving here to chase the modern day gold rush, I do ask that they treat the city with respect because in my mind the creative people of San Francisco are the ones who make this city magical. I cruised around the city to capture the art that is spread across each district in addition to some flicks I have collected over time to shed light on the creativity that makes up San Francisco, hope you enjoy!

Write-up and photos by Stevie C.

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