PRESS RELEASE: Extension of Detail Collection

May 10, 2016

Attention to detail, elevated! The vow FAZE makes with its new collection.

The Extension of Detail Collection

May, 2016, San Francisco, CA – The San Francisco-based men’s lifestyle brand, FAZE Apparel, is known for, and excels at, adding the right details to classic silhouettes in order to enhance their overall product. With their sights set on the future, FAZE’s upcoming collection focuses on the details more than ever. Their newest collection, aptly named Extension of Detail, goes beyond an attention of detail.

Dot Game - Button-up - Extension of Detail - Collection - Menswear - FAZE Apparel - 1 

The Extension of Detail Collection showcases the future of the brand. It shows that an attention to detail should not only be dedicated to the design stage but also the fabrics used in constructing the products and the manufacturing process overall. Their ultimate goal with the collection is to let the fabrics and detail of the products speak for themselves. From the embroidered lightning bolt logos on the button-up sleeves to the UV protective fabric of the Fearless Rays Snapback to prevent fading, no detail has gone unnoticed. FAZE has truly taken their level of detail to the next stage with this collection.

Fearless Rays Snapback - Headwear - Extension of Detail - Collection - Menswear - Streetwear - FAZE Apparel - 1  

With graphic tees, which is FAZE’s bread and butter, they’ve come with fresh designs highlighted by the Skull Tee. But the biggest progression comes in the form of the collection’s button-ups and outerwear, which sets the collection apart from anything FAZE has done in the past. From a custom dyed denim vest to a line of sophisticated button-ups, you’ll be set with pieces from this collection whether you’re at a summer barbeque or need to impress at an interview. Johnny Travis, co-founder of FAZE Apparel, states, “a lot of our retailers and supporters have pointed to our [construction method, fabrics, etc] as a primary reason for them choosing our products and this new collection brings those details to the forefront. Many of our retailers are really excited about getting this new collection in their stores.” With the sheer amount of pieces and development of new ideas, FAZE has definitely outdone themselves with the Extension of Detail Collection.

Skull Tee - Extension of Detail - Collection - Streetwear - Menswear - FAZE Apparel - 1

FAZE Apparel’s Extension of Detail Collection will be released in two deliveries. Delivery 1 will be available mid-May and Delivery 2 will be available mid-August. You will be able to get your hands on items from the collection at their flagship store located at 3236 21st Street, San Fran, CA, select retailers, and online at


Photos captured by Abraham Espiritu

Collection looks modeled by Armand Wesley


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